Advanced Strength Tracker

Available now for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Train like a professional

The world's most advanced strength training application.
Now available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

  • Advanced Strength Programs

    Train with programs created by the world's best powerlifters and coaches.

  • Lift to your one-rep max

    Iron Pro uses your one-rep max to calculate the appropriate weight for each workout.

  • Apple Watch Ready

    Control and record your workout entirely from your Apple Watch.

  • Hands-free mode

    Leave your phone in your pocket and control your workout with your headphone's controls.

Additional Features

Iron Pro combines the most advanced tracking capabilities available with unique customization options so you don't need to switch between apps at the gym.

Workout Scheduling

Set up a new workout schedule, or enter an existing program to chart your progress.


Switch between metric and standard and all of your weights will adjust automatically.

Custom Exercises

Add your own exercises, or build workouts with one of the 140 preset exercises.

Workout Generator

Automatically create a workout based on your strength profile, goal, duration, intensity, and muscle groups.

Advanced tools

Plate calculator, stopwatch, timer, and one-rep max calculator included, free of charge.

Trainer Mode

Manage multiple clients' workouts and chart their progress.

Not included: Ads, subscription fees, or social networks.
You do not need an internet connection or username/password to use Iron Pro.

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